About Us

AOTLE is an Independent organisation Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. It is carried out according to the teachings of the First Century Apostles. This is the only organisation in India which follows the doctrines and teachings taught by the High Priest Yahshua Messiah.

Bro. Isaac E. Kusuma, a student from Doon Bible College, leads this organisation. This organisation has many followers throught the state.
The main theme of this organisation is to save the people who blindly follows Christianity and Doctrinal beliefs without giving any importance to the Bible contents.
This organisation is having two Registered montly newspapers to preach gospel throught India.

1. Satyamunakai Poratam - For telugu People in Andhra Pradesh. and
2. Contention For Truth - For the people throughout India (English Newspapers)

Go through the articles and find out the real facts in the bible.

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