Does Acts 20:7 teach Sunday Worship?
Acts 20:7 from several versions
Answering Objections on Sabbath
Christian Organisations VS Assembly of Yahshua Messiah
Colossians 2:14 Explained
Does Saul teach Sunday Worship in 1Cor 16:2?
What is meant by baptism and in which name>
Deception of the Bible Society
Devil's Attributes
For Jews Only?
Gospel to Rebels
Happy Sabbath
Is the first day of the week (sunday) Holy?
Love means??
Master and Servant
Master and Disciple
Yahshua Messiah is a great Healer
Did Yahshua Messiah break the Sabbath?
Why Righteous Suffer?
Why do they hate and what is our Solution?
Why be baptized into the name of Yahshua?
Who teaches with Criticism
Who are these Reverends
When will you hear his voice?
Truth alone can stand and win
So called Yahweh's people
Recognise the Devil
A real servant of Yahweh never loved by all
Prayer Interceding Prayer
Ministry of the Unmarried
The First Assembly Of The Apostles
Messiah's Death Day was on AD 31 Nisan 14th Wednesday
Hebrew, Greek, English New Testament
Where Are The Sunday Worshipping Churches In The 1stCentury?
Apostle Shaul's Missionary Journeys
No Apostle Knows The Names Of Iesous Christoes, Jesus Christ, Yesu Kristhu, etc
JESUS CHRIST is not His original NAME
If You Follow Man Made Doctrines, You will not inherit His Kingdom
There is no word "CHRISTIAN" in the original Scriptures

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