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Assemblies Of The Living Elohim [AOTLE] is an independent organization established in the year 2002. We've been observing several christian denominations since 25 years and got wexed up with all their religious traditions. The teachings of the scriptures are entirely different from what the so called christian people are observing. We've started publishing magazines against to Christian traditions to bring awareness to the believers about the scriptures. We've been circulating magazines since 20 years and fighting against these traditional christian belief systems. Please feel free to subscribe to our magazine
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Satyamunakai Poratam Group

AOTLE branches are located in several other districts in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. The main headquarters are located in Malikipuram. Some of the places where AOTLE is located are:

So, if you are interested to attend the prayer meetings, you could reach out to the nearest AOTLE locality and attend prayers over there. Kindly pray for our ministries are we are striving to expand our ministry and spread the gospel to every village in our country. We are also planning to translate and publish our articles into various other languages. Kindly hold in your prayers about these issues.

Recent Activities

Feast of Tabernacles 2012

This is the season of the Feast of Tabernacles. The feast is going on and would last for 8 days. Since AOTLE-Malikipuram is the headquarters, many of our beloved brothers and sisters came to our place to observe the feast of tabernacles. We had real good time in worshipping our heavenly father. During this festive season, we've released a new booklet which was written by Bro. Isaac E. Kusuma. The book explains the teachings of the First Century Apostles and the teachings of Messiah.

Plannig to get into Television Channel

Our everlasting dream to proclaim the truth through the Television channels is bearing fruit and we are thoroughly praying for getting the opportunity to spread the gospel through the television channels. Though it is quite expensive, we've put a step forward to accomplish our mission. But the preachers, pastors and higher bishops are not willing to provide us a slot to give explanation over televisions. They are scaerd to provide us a teaching platform because it would bring a lot of impact over the christian believers. Kindly pray for this issue as well.

Gospel on Motorbike

Recently, we've been to Srikakulam [a dense forest area] on a motorbike. In our way we've distributed pamphlets to many of the Christian people. The trip was a bit dangerous because it has been almost 750 miles away from our hometown and the weather was not good. But finally, we've made the trip a success by distributing all the pamphlets, visiting houses and praying for people, baptizing people at some areas and conducting meetings at some of our believers house. AOTLE-India works..!! Halleluyah...!!